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Rental Vehicle Rules and Information

Rentals must be returned 15 min prior to service closing hours.

Monday to Friday by 4:45pm 
Saturday by 2:45pm 
Closed on Sunday
  • Valid driver's license and full coverage insurance for photocopy.
  • Additional drivers must meet the same requirements.
  • Authorization is done on a major credit card.

Extra Charges
  • Mileage: included per 24 hour period=150 & weekend= 450
  • Mileages over the included amount listed are charged at $.15 per mile.
  • Unlimited mileage is $10.00 per 24-hour period.
  • Each additional day past the weekend check in is added by the 24-hour period rate.
  • Over-time hour past 24-hour check in time is calculated by $2.00 per hour, not to exceed the daily rate.

  • Vehicle must return at the same fuel level as when departed.

NOTE: Customer will be charged $8.00 per gallon using an estimated sheet used for all vehicles if fuel level is not the same as when departed.

  • Vehicle must return in the same condition as when checked out by rental attendant. (Minor dirt on carpet is acceptable. Food, spills, stains or garbage is not acceptable.) 
  • Charges start at $10.00 for vacuum/garbage.
  • Carpet cleaning $25.00. Stains will be charged at $50.00. 

NOTE: If stains are unable to be cleaned out, extra charges may be billed to the customer based on the cost for repairs or replacement to vehicle.

 No Pets / No Smoking:
  • Customer will be charged a cleaning fee if any signs of pets or smoke is detected.

  • Customer is responsible for all citations incurred during your rental. (Fastrac, Parking, Speeding, etc.)

California law requires all children under 8 years of age who are less than 4 feet 9 inches in height to be transported in the rear seat of the vehicle in a child restraint system. Our rental department is required to provide a rental child restraint system if you do not have a child restraint system yourself.

Daily rental fee for a child restraint system is $12.99 a day.

All vehicles must stay in California. No exceptions.

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